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v The Adventurer's \ourmA S 

Number 109 


Special Tom\* Hxrtnng Issue 

Not sold in Olympic Villages 


he Quest for Glory games are unique 
because they're repayable, adventure/ 
role-playing hybrids that are thor- 
oughly challenging and entertaining. Quest 
for Glory : Shadows of Darkness, the fourth in 
the series, continues that fine tradition. 

Sierra removed the number from the title 
this time, so I can only hope that means 
that there are more than the originally 
scheduled five games on the way. It would 
not be difficult for co-designers/husband- 
and-wife team Lori and Corey Cole to 
continue the series in a variety of settings, 
but for now players can enjoy the equally 
funny and spooky Shadows of Darkness. 

Shadows takes place in a strange Euro- 
pean Land called Mordavia — the kind of 
place that you don't hear about except 
during the Olympics. You arrive and are 
virtually stuck in the town, surrounding 
forest and swamp. People are at first wary of 
you because you appeared in a cave 
believed to be 
the site of a 
strange cult's 
practices to bring 
back the Dark 
Ones, a group of 
ancient creatures 
akin to the Old 
Ones of H. P. 
Cthulhu Mythos. 
In feet, much of 
that wacky 
designer Corey 

Cole's groan-inducing humor revolves 
around horror cliches and H. P. Lovecraft 
stories in particular. The people begin to 
accept you as you prove your heroism in 
various circumstances, but that doesn't 
solve the mysteries in the town. You must 


Type Animated adventure 

System IBM Required 386+ 
(486 recommended), four megs 
RAM, hard disk, mouse, 256- 
color VGA, DOS 5.0+. Supports 
Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, Pro Audio 
& 16, Roland MT-32 & U\PC, 
Microsoft Sound, General MIDI 

Planned ports ibm cd 

Inj Rvjss Ceccola 

prevent the influx of evil influences in 
Moldavia and get to the heart of the 
disappearances and other strange 
occurrences in the game. 

The Questfor Glory game system lets 
you choose from 
three character 
types at the start 
of the game. You 
may also import a 
character from a 
previous Questfor 
Glory game if you 
saved it, but no 
previous experi- 
ence is necessary. 

Your quest 
varies significantly 

for each type of character, so it is certain 
that Shadows warrants replay. The three 
characters are: Fighter, Magic User and 
Thief. [You may also use a Paladin if you 
have a saved game from 
the previous programs; at 
least one puzzle can be 
solved only by a Paladin.] 

You must use your 
brawn to play the game as 
a Fighter, magic powers 
and intelligence to 
succeed as a Magic-User, 
and cunning and stealth 
to win as aThief. In all 
three versions, you build 
up your characters 
throughout the quest until 
you can stand among the 
best of your character type. 

Shadows uses the standard Sierra 
interface, with some enhancements for 
each character type. An additional icon 
on the control panel at the top of the 
screen brings up special options such as 
sleeping, time of day and moving 

stealthily. These options are the meat of the 
game's variety. You can use certain Thief skills 
to solve a particular puzzle, but as a Magic 
User you might use a spell. Fighters mostly 
use their strength to solve the game's puzzles. 

An Adventurer's 
Guild in the 
town helps you 
develop your 
skills and will 
have different 
training help 
based on 
character types. 
Fighters have 
weight equip- 
ment, while 
Thieves have 
locks to pick 

In addition to the typical object-oriented 
puzzles you would expect in a Sierra game, 
Shadows also features some arcade-like 
combat, graphic puzzles and conversation 

You get a lot of information about events 
Continued on page 14 


Adventure Road 2 

Gabriel Knight 3 

Winter CES Report 4 

Dragonsphere preview 7 

CD Central 8 

Iron Helix 9 

Walkrhru:Sam&Max ..10 
Keys to the Kingdoms ... 1 2 
Swap Shop 15 


fm inrlprQ \x/hn Wpr mnvprl nvpr hn FA T rprf 

Recent releases 

Warriors of legend is the latest of Virgin's 
Conan role-playing games. This time you 
have a multiple-character party instead 
of just a lone warrior, and get to use 
magic for the first time in these games. 
In a few months, look for Siena's mm 2 
and Goblins Quest (AKA Goblins 3). See 
page eight for Siena's upcoming CD 

Dynamix "delays" Krondor 

Or did they? Thief oj Dreams, the sequel 
to Betrayal at Krondor, was initially killed 
in January. Dynamix also let Jon Cutter, 
the game's designer, go at the same 
time. It simply didn't return as much 
money as a simulation would have, the 
reasoning reportedly went 

But after a few weeks — and a tidal 
wave of negative reaction on Com- 
puServe and other networks — a 
mysterious news release announced the 
sequel was being "delayed" while the 
"...development team is reassigned to 
other projects that are due for release in 
1994." They expect the same team to 
develop other novel-based games, which 
"...could include the sequel to Betrayal at 
Krondor, in 1995." Final decision is 
expected in a month or so. 

Industry news 

MCA just bought a "significant minority 
share" of Interplay's stock, giving 
Interplay access to MCA's vast library of 
book, films, records and theme parks, 
not to mention Matsushita's technology. 
The plan is for Interplay to develop 
MCA properties in conjunction with 
Universal Interactive Studios. About the 
same time, Interplay acquired Norths tar 
Studios, founded by Ron Spitzer. Spitzer 
was one of New World Computing's 

founders who later moved over to EA 
and Crystal Dynamics. 

Imagination Network news 

Sierra and AT&T's Imagination Network 
(formerly The Siena Network) will open 
up the door to interactive gaming for 
Sega owners who get AT&T's new Edge 
16 device this fall. They'll be able to 
participate in multiplier games such as 
The Shadow of Yserbius , and even talk to 
each other simultaneously on the phone 
while playing. In addition to playing via 
the INN system, you can also call 
another person and play head-to-head 

Bug report 

If you can't get on the subway in Innocent 
Until Caugjrt, you'll need a new game. 
Some of the disks in the firstshipment 
had a bug that prevents you from doing 
so. The first shipment oQuestfor Ghry N 
also had problems with a DOS extender; 
patches are available on CompuServe and 
direct ftom Siena. 

Where in the Underworld 
is Carmen Sandiego? 

This will reportedly be the name of 
Electronic Arts' next game after their 
recent merger with Broderbund. 

Interactive spooks 

Activision is developing "interactive 
espionage thrillers" under the direction 
of former CIA chief William Colby. The 
first in this new line is scheduled for early 
1995 for IBM and later that year for Mac. 

Swap Shop & Clues 

In case you missed the fine print last 
issue, we're now charging for Swap Shop 
ads. Not money, though - with your ad, 
just include a clue that hasn't appeared 
m Keys to the Kingdoms. Please type all ads 
and clues. Thanks, and have a nice 

I recently purchased a CD 
drive for my 486 and for all the "bigger 
and better" games that this new medium 
should allow. But now I have a new 
problem: when to buy a game. I find 
myself postponing game purchases, 
hoping a CD version will appear. When 
you review a new game, please let us 
know if the CD version will differ 

Eldon Anderson 

The specs box accompanying each review 
indicates if a CD version is planned and will 
usually provide the projected release date. 
And our new CD Central column will point 
out which CDs truly take advantage of the 
medium's potential (Hopefully some 
marketing execs at the companies will read 
your letter andfinalby realize why some of 
their games aren't selling as well as expected - 
- everyone with a CD drive is waitingfor the 
CD version.) 


Editor: Shay Addams 
Managing Editor: Dora McCormick 
Editorial Consultant: Edgar Schrock 
News Editor: Shane 
Contributing Editors: Russ Ceccola, 
Al Giovetti, Bernie Yee, Fred J. 
Philipp, Clancy Shaffer, Ken St. 
Andre, Brian Smith, Bruce Wiley, 
Duffy, This Reviewer 

QuestBusters, ye official journal of the 
QuestBusters Guild, is published 
monthly by "It hurts so much!" Inc. 
Annual dues: $19 ($6 extra for 
Adventure Express). Canada/Mexico: 
$26. Overseas: $36. Contents Copy- 
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Reserved. This issue was published in 
February, 1994. Copying without 
express permission is prohibited and 
punishable by breaking both your 

South American 


Gabriel Knight 

If the result of designing a King s 
Quest adventure is a departure to the 
complete opposite end of the gaming 
spectrum, then let's hope Kings Quest 
VTs co-designers Jane Jensen and 
Roberta Williams design another one 
every year. Williams is off in production 
on Sierra's first CD-only game, a 
terrifying thriller called Vhcmtasmagoria. 
Jensen just released Gabriel Knight, a 
supernatural game involving voodoo and 
ancient curses. 

Both designers have shown incredible 
creativity with their products. Q've 
always thought that too much of King 
Graham and his royal family might 
backfire and send someone toward the 
"dark side" of entertainment.) But 
Jensen's game shows the effects of years 
of exposure to thrillers, horror novels 
and comic books. Gabriel Knight just 
may surprise a lot of gamers with its 
spooky atmosphere, story depth and 
strong characterization. And the CD 
version is an experience that's downright 

Type Animated adventure 

System ibm & ibm cd- 

ROM Required: 386+ (486 
recommended), 4 megs RAM, 
hard disk, mouse, VGA, DOS 
5.0+. Supports: Sound 
Blaster, Ad Lib, Roland MT-32 
& LAPC, Microsoft sound 
system, General Midi 

Planned ports 


on the 

story has 
that it 
ruin your 

various plot elements to go into too 
much detail. It suffices to say that you 
control Knight, a New Orleans writer 
and book shop owner - the last member 
of a family of "Shadow-hunters" - as he 
confronts the horrific and seemingly 
prophetic images in his dreams. 
Frighteningly real to him, the dreams get 
worse each night. 

In the midst of writing a book on 

voodoo, Gabriel must decide whether to 
abandon the writing or continue, 
knowing full well the effect his enemies 
may have on him. Gabriel Knight is as 
much a race against time, as it is an 
adventure game of exploration and 
and glimpses 
into past 
history hint at 
the true 
nature of the 
dreams and 
their dire 


Siena fens 

will master the interface quickly, for it is 
nothing more complicated than any 
other Sierra game. It has the side-view 
perspective employed by most Siena 
games, but there are many cinematic 
scenes and a few other interfaces that 
depart from the side view when 

Mouse control is best for this game. 
Use the right mouse button to scroll 
through the major command icons, 
such as look, talk, walk and use, and the 
left icon to perform the action. You can 
also pop up an icon bar if that seems 
easier. Siema wisely continued the 
process of placing a colored dot on each 
inventory object so you know exactly 
where its active spot is located. [A hi-res 
mouse makes this much easier to use.] 

Jensen added a lot of style and depth 
to Gabriel Knigfrt. In addition to simply 
talking to characters, you can interrogate 
them about other people, places and 
objects. Similar to the Dagger of Amon Ra 
interface, this set-up allows you to obtain 
a character's information by simply 
clicking on an entry from a lis t of 
available topics while in interrogation 

As an added bonus, you can access 

bvj Rviss CeccoU 

the dialogue of any interrogation with a 
special recorder icon. Click on the 
recorder, and you will see a case of 
cassette tape icons, one for each 
character you Ve interrogated. Reviewing 
these tapes is important, because it will 
be tough to 
every conver- 
sation and 
piece of 
You use these 
tapes in much 
the same way 
as Return to 
Zork : by 
playing them 
back to other 
characters for their response. 

There are many interesting and 
challenging puzzles. The game is as 
much a mystery as it is a thrill, for 
discovering the plot is as important a 
puzzle as the more obvious object- 
oriented ones. At certain times you will 
also have to write a message in a voodoo 
code and a drum beat code, as well as 
translate the drum beats you hear. 
Special interfaces make these functions 
easy. Puzzles like these expand the scope 
of a game and make it far more atmo- 

Quest noir 

The thriller's graphics are dark and 
brooding, like many of the characters 
and the area of New Orleans where the 
game takes place. The game has the look 
and feel of a Blade Runner/Bram Stoker's 
Dracula combination, which makes 
perfect sense once you know that these 
movies are among a list of Jensen's 
favorite influences. 

The use of cinematic scenes is 
particularly important because the 
collection of images in some of the 
nightmares is sometimes terrifying. 
Comics fens will also enjoy the added 
bonus that comes in the package - a 
Continued on page 1 5 



Winter C.E.S. 

ie weather outside is 
fiightful....stop the snow, stop 
the snow, stop the snow!!! Yes, 
folks, this issue of QuestBusters was 
delayed because I took so long to send 
in my article. I was busy outside 
shoveling away the ice and snow that 
pelted the Philadelphia area from the 
day I left for CES in Las Vegas until the 
middle of February. If it's not ice skaters 
with truncheons or aging rock stars with 
jailbait tendencies, it's the weath-er. 


While Amazon was the culmination of 
Access's adventure game technology to 
that point in time, Under A Killing Moon 
leaps far beyond the triumphs of that 
South American episodic nightmare. 
This new Tex Murphy adventure will 
feature talent like Brian Keith, Margot 
Kidder and Russell Means in a cinematic 
sci-fi adventure with a simple point-and- 
click interface. Expect to see a lot of TV 
coverage because of the stars in the 
game . We know here that the game will 
be more exciting than the actresses and 
actors themselves because it continues 
the adventures of one of gaming's best- 
loved detectives. It will fill two CDs and 
could be out in the next month. 


Activision did not have any new 
adventure games to see at the show, but 
the rumors are true that Return to ZorVs 
producer, Eddie Dombrower, will 
continue the revival of classic Infocom 
worlds and characters when he works 
on the next game in the PknetfaB/ 
StationfaR saga. Gonzo game developer 
Steve Meretzky will be involved, and 
Eddie confessed that Floyd may very 
well live again! 


If you overlook the incredible announce- 
ments that Capstone plans on 

hx\ Kuss CcccoU 


producing games based on Rescue 91 1 
and the upcoming Zorro movie (they've 
got me stumped), as well as a Rintstones 
chess game, 

discover their 
hot new 
Corridor 7, 
which uses 
that system's 
Corridor 7 r isa 
fest-paced Interplay's 

adventure that will surely satisfy all of 
the fens of this type of game with tons of 
action/combat, exciting music and 
smooth-scrolling graphics. 

Electronic Arts 

Following the cue of Gabriel Knight and 
other "adult" adventure games, 
Sectronic Arts planned a tense thriller 
called Noctropohs. It's a dark and moody 
game in which you get pulled into the 
comic book world of your favorite 
heroes — Darksheer and Stiletto. 

You have to prevent the bad guys in 
that world from crossing over into our 
world, and then find your way back 
before it's too late. Noctropohs has an 
intuitive pop-up interface and lots of 
cinematic touches that highlight the 
adult situations and graphic horror 
scenes for which they enlisted a 
Hollywood makeup effects artist 


Stonekeep will be here by summer, 
featuring a hologram on its box as a neat 
bonus. Starfleet Academy is the next Star 
Trek g^me on the burner, but there was 
nothing to see at this CES except a few 
rendered introduction screens. Interplay 
will distribute I-Motion's two hot new 
adventures I mentioned before: Alone in 
iheDark2 and CaR of Cthuhu [based on 

the H. P. Lovecraft classic] . Both of 
these will be exciting horror games with 
that European feel that makes them so 



Steve Mer- 
etzky's next 
project for 
Legend will be 
Hobohen, an 
hybrid that will 
be a new type of game for both 
Meretzky and Legend. This time he 
attacks the wonderful state of New 
Jersey (somebody had to!) . 

Hoboken is the center of this game's 
nuclear-blasted world, where you guide 
a bunch of weird superheroes against 
mutant monsters lite Steroid Man and 
your arch-nemesis Dr. Entropy. 
Superhero Imgue has elements of the 
Xanth interlace and RPG combat 
interfaces, so players will have a 
completely new experience with laugh- 
out-loud humor. 


LucasArts only had a CD-ROM talkie 
version of Sam and Max Hit the Road to 
show as far as new adventures go. The 
Dig is no further along since Brian 
Moriarty left LucasArts and the project, 
but the new designer, Sean Clark, will 
keep the ball rolling. The Dig, now 
planned as a CD-only title, will be 
LucasArts's big adventure for 1994 for 


A new T company has a CD product on 
u\eway,WrathoftheGods, that deals 
with the gods of old. You have to 
actively take part in many of the legends 
of the Greek gods in this photo-realistic 



Quest Report 

adventure that uses a simple interface. 
The CD features tons of digitized 
pictures, actors and actresses, sound 
effects and 


Gilbert Austin, 
formerly of 
Origin, has the 
most horrific, 
game ever. 
Harvester is a 
nightmare in a 
small town 

everything strange seems connected to 
the eerie lodge on the outskirts. This 
CD-ROM features graphic, bloody 
scenes, unsettling plot twists and a Twin 
Peaks-ish atmosphere that will keep 
players on the edge of their seats. 


Dragon Sphere should be out soon [see 
preview in this issue] , but MicroProse 
isn't doing any more adventure games. 
Dragon Sphere uses the Rex Nebular 
interface and new RPG controls in an 
epic game with a major plot twist right 
in the middle of the game. 


The Giyphon Masters is Mindcraft's RPG 
based on Celtic mythology, the first in 
the series that will replace The Magic 
Candle this Spring. It uses a 32-bit 
engine, isometric 3-D graphics and a 
unique "no hit points" damage system. 
Mindcraft's fantasy-based strategy game, 
Dominion, also looked challenging. 

New World Computing 

NWC's first graphic adventure is an 
original. Inherit the Earth: Quest for the 
Orb, is about a world populated with 
animals instead of people. It's due in 
April. They were also showing Heroes of 


Star Trek: The Next Generation 

Might and Magic, which combines 
elements of Might & Magic and King's 
Bounty and is set for July. (New World 
was recently 
acquired by 

tions, which 
trivia and 
sports games 
via satellite to 
bars and 
hotels. Jon van 
remains at the 
helm, and 
now we can look forward to even more 
great products from New World. 


Ultima Vffl: Pagan is Origin's major 
contribution to the adventure game field 
this year. Set on the homeworld of the 
Guardian from Ultima VII, Pagan is the 
darkest of the Ultima adventures. Instead 
of the usual overhead view introduced in 
Ultima V7, Pagan uses an isometric view 
so players can have more exciting 
combat rounds and new puzzle 
perspectives. [Monsters were created 
with 3-D Studio, making Pagan the most 
impressive Ultima since N] 

The new look really works well. Make 
sure you tell Origin how much you like 
the flaming pentagram on Pagans cover 
so they get more daring next time! 


Robinson s Requiem is a new game bom 
the French company that has produced 
some other recent Readysoft games. You 
play the role of an FBI agent in this game 
of intrigue. The plot is very deep and the 
graphics are gorgeous and extremely 
detailed. This is one of those imports 
that you might have to look for dili- 
gently, but it will be worth every effort 

Sierra On-line 

Sierra only had the long-awaited 
September release Phantasmagoria to 
show, but it's worth every minute of 
wait. Roberta Williams will take players 
into a strange mansion in which the 
man of the house slowly goes insane 
and takes part in C?)/views horrific 
events. The graphics are fully rendered 
with video laid on top of the back- 
grounds. It will have a simple interface 
and a whole lot of story depth and 
surprises. [Strategy and science fiction 
fens should keep an eye out for Outpost, 
a CD-only game based on NASA 
technology — a real Sim City in space] 

Software Toolworks 

Dragon Tales is Software Toolworks' 
answer to Myst and The Seventh Guest. It 
is a first-person, fully-rendered CD-ROM 
game in which you must rid the land of 
evil in a three-chapter story. The simple 
interface not only controls the adventure 
interface, but also the strategy and 
action/arcade elements of the game. 
Dragon Tales has gorgeous graphics and 
backgrounds and a lot of smooth 

Spectrum Holobyte 

Star Trek The Next Generation (PC, PC 
CD-ROM, 3DO) will be a massive hit 
when it comes out this spring. The 
game features a variety of missions, all of 
the show's characters and both 
Enterprise and planet-based game play. 
The CD games will feature digitized 
speech and fully rendered backgrounds. 
The first batch of games will also come 
in a collector's edition box. 

Strategic Simulations 

SSI has three new games on the way to 
satisfy different types of players. Dark 
Legjons has a lot of different types of 
game play and a dark, horrific edge to it 
Al-Qadim is a single-character action- 
heavy game in which you move a 

Continued on next page 


CES ... from 5 

character around in an isometric view to 
conquer the evil in this AD&D land. 

Ravenbji is SSI's turn to profit from 
TSR's popular world of horror. It is a 
party-based game in a real simulated 
world. The game uses a large window 
and doesn't contain as much blood as 
Pavenbft fens might expect 


Tsunami's next game will be a sequel, 
Rmgworid 2, to their first two adventures. 
Rmgworld 2 shows how Tsunami 
listened to their customers. It has a 
longer story line and more game play 
than the original. Rmgworti 2 will also 
have a lot of science-based puzzles, 
crisper and cleaner graphics, control of 
three characters and a lot of time spent 
on the eight-deck space ship. (Though 
they were showing Protestor 2 at CES, 

Tsunami cancelled the project a few 
weeks later after changing distributors.) 


Virgin didn't have any new adventure 
games of their own in the works, but 
they will import Beneath A Steel Sky from 
the same design team who produced 
Lure of the Temptress. It is a futuristic sci- 
fi/mystery in which you control the 
main character who is chased by a 
number of people, but doesn't remem- 
ber his identity. 

The "virtual theater" interface is easy 
to control and features the gritty, realistic 
graphics backgrounds drawn by the 
2000 AD comic book's Dave Gibbons. 
Also look for Westwood Studio's Lands 
of Lore on CD-ROM, completely 
narrated by Patrick Stewart and with 
other new features too! 

Walt Disney 

Wof is one of the strangest and most 

orignal ideas for an RPG in a long time . 
As a wolf in a number of scenarios/ 
missions, you must take over territory, 
fight enemy wolves and mate when 
necessary. This is role-playing of the 
highest degree in a slick package with 
nice, digitized footage from Disney's Tru- 
Life Adventures TV show of the Fifties, an 
information data base to help out and 
lots of variety for nature fens. 

Best Quests of CES 

Because of its emphasis on story line, 
cinematics, simple interface and 
intelligent decision-making and 
puzzles, Harvester was my favorite 
NEW game of the show. The other 
winners from the Winter CES show 
in Las Vegas were: UnderAKShng 
Moon , Noctropchs , Superhero league of 
Hoboken , Pagan , StarTrek The Next 
Generation , Beneath A Sted Sky and 


There really weren't that many big parties 
this time around — more like cozy 
gathering instead. Before I boreyou, let's 
head to the main events! 


No computer game company had a 
party tonight, but Capcom, Acclaim and 
Tradewest threw soirees at three 
different Las Vegas spots. First stop was 
the hard-to-find Tradewest party in the 
new Treasure Island casino. After 
wandering around for hours and finally 
stopping by Siegfried and Roy's dressing 
room next door at the Mirage to ask for 
directions, I managed to find the 
location - only to stay for 15 minutes! 
Tradewest had no games to show at this 
CES, but scenes from the upcoming 
Double Dragon movie festooned the 

It was a long way to Acclaim's suite at 
the Desert Inn , but as always they had 
great food, drinks and company. Plus, 
you could play all their games on setups 
throughout the room. Thanks to 

Acclaim for the Itchy & Scratchy watch in 
the press kit — now my collection of 
watches quickly approaches 100! The 
MGM Grand was the last stop of the 
night and the hoppingest party of the 
show. People lingered long past closing 
time and danced to the tunes of the 
great band, got photos with the Street 
Fighter gals and popped Mega Man 
balloons! This giant lion out front acted 
as the bouncer! 


There were so many parties Thursday 
night, it was impossible to attend them 
all. I missed the Aura Interactor 
hardware audio feedback device party at 
the Luxor (who use their product in one 
of their rides) and the Baker & Taylor 
party at Caesar's Palace. But I did stop 
by the Alexis Park Hotel for Sony/ 
Imagesoft's small get-together to pick up 
my Sony glass. 

Next came Spectrum Holobyte's 
wonderful Star Trek The Next Generation 
party in the MGM Grand celebrating the 

release of their ST:HMG game. Brent 
Spiner (Data) was there for a while for 
pictures and autographs, but then split 
to commune with the electronics 
system in the basement. [The open bar 
was so generous with the Chivas, the 
QB editor cracked up his rental car on 
the way to the next party!] 

I dropped by Casio's dinner down 
the hall and received a calculator that 
also contains a clock That didn't help 
me to be on time for Namco's party at 
Caesar's Palace's Forum Shops arcade. 
Namco owns the arcade and opened it 
to the press for free for three hours. And 
who said arcades aren't fun!? 


Friday was the las t party night — and a 
slow one too! I started the night off at 
the Hard Rock Cafe. Compton's New 
Media plan a Tommy : The Musical CD- 
ROM this year and set up a live hookup 
with Pete Townshend (middle of the 
night for him) from his house in 
England. I got to ask Pete about his 
plans for using CD-ROMs, and left with 





1 hen your father, the king, dies, 
you, his heir, become king of 
the realm. As the new king, you 
find you have inherited the twenty-year 
legacy of the Dragonsphere. 

The sphere contains a dragon, 
representing the imprisonment of an evil 
sorcerer named Sanwe, who was 
trapped by the court wizard Ner-Tom's 
shield spell — which encases an entire 
mountain, upon which Sanwe's tower 
now stands. Lengthening cracks in the 
sphere represent the weakening spell 
that imprisons Sanwe. You awaken to 
undertake an adventure to rid the 
kingdom of Sanwe's evil which ravages 
the land. 

Your quest to destroy Sanwe will take 
you from the land of the fair to the lands 
of the fames, the shapeshifters and the 
desert people. Along the way the rulers 
of these lands will give you artifacts and 
gifts that will help you in your quest. 

After you slay Sanwe, in the persona 
of the new king, you will take the 
persona of Pid, a shapeshifter and set out 
on another quest. This rime you must 
rescue the kingdom once again from the 
influence of your evil mother and 
brother, who covet the throne, and to 
start the kingdom on a new road of 
peace and acceptance among the four 
divergent races of the realm. 

Dragonsphere is the last animated 
graphic adventure from the MicroProse 

a cool Tommy shirt and press kit 
EduQuest had an event at Alexis Park 
down the street from the Hard Rock 
Cafe, but I could hardly call it a party 
because people just sat there playing 
with computers. I quickly consulted my 
Casio clocVcalculator and realized that 
Treasure Island was about to blow up 
some ships out front again, so I hopped 
a cab to the casino and saw Vegas at 
their best. Is it any coincidence that the 
British ship they sink six times every 
night is named the Britannia? Watch 
out, Richard Garriott! Vegas is out to get 
you! Chicago, here 1 come... U 

AGA group, which has been disbanded 
in phases since the release of the Gothic 
horror thriller, Return of the Phantom, and 
this latest release. Thus the new and 
innovative MicroProse technology that 
was bom with AGA s Rex Nebular and 
the Cosmic Gender Bender may regrettably 
never again see the light of day. And 
following their release by Spectrum 
Holobyte's most recent acquisition, 
MicroProse AGA group producers Matt 

quest for 
ment at 

The graphics spring from a unique 
video-capture technique that employs 
live actors to give the characters life-like 
animation, even when they are very 
small. Colors used for the background 
and characters meld together, eliminat- 
ing the pasted-on look seen in many 
other graphic adventures. The Micro- 
prose graphics process integrates the 
animated character and background so 
they appear as an integral part of the 
same world or landscape. 

Thankfully, Dragon-sphere is devoid of 
the arcade sequences 
that seem to plague 
Sierra games. The game 
progresses through the 
exploration of the realm 
and subsequent 
accumulation of objects 
that, when used 
appropriately, move the 
story forward. These 
treasure hunt puzzles are 
complemented byword 
puzzles that, with a little 

logic (for the occasional logic puzzle) 
and some avid note-taking, the main 
character can use to bring most 
encounters to a successful conclusion 
by answering the right questions and 
correctly using artifacts. 

The inventory is large enough to 
accommodate all the objects in the 
quest, eliminating confusion over 
which objects to keep and which to 
throw away. 
further simplified 
by limiting object 
acquisition to 
items that can be 
used in the game. 
game artifacts 
cannot be 
acquired. The use 
of some puzzle 
items is obscure, 
but for the most 
part the puzzle solutions are obvious if 
you follow the story carefully. 

Two modes are available: novice and 
challenging, to give new players and 
experienced players an enjoyable 
gaming experience. In the novice 
mode, you still survive even if you're 
not as precise in adhering to the game's 

Many word puzzles are set up so 
that you can't tell where your answers 
were incorrect, since they wait until the 

Type Animated Adventure 

bvf Al C Giovetti 

sequence is 
killing off 
your alter 
ego. This 
you to 
repeat the 

more obscure areas of the quest many 
times before being successful. The 

Continued on page 14 

System IBM Required: 286/ 
12+/DOS 3+ (386/16 & DOS 5 
recommended), 2 megs RAM, 12 
megs hard disk, MCGA or VGA 
Supports: Ad Lib, Roland, Sound 
Blaster, Pro Audio, Spectrum, 
Covox, mouse (recommended) 

Planned ports none 




1 e're consolidating all CD news 
in this column, effective 
immediately, and making every 
effort to sort out what's different - if 
anything - about CD versions of recent 

CD Hits 

Activision says Return to Zork 
sold 300,000 games in two 
shipping over 
200,000 Rebel 
Assaults by 
Christmas. If 
these aren't a sign 
that the CD has 
arrived, maybe 
you'd better go 
back out in the 
yard and stare 
into the sun for a 
few minutes. 

Fantasy Empires CD 

SSI's CD Fantasy Empires has 
quite a few new features. There 
are six new combat spells and 
three strategy spells. Timestop looks 
particularly useful. You also get three 
new kinds of terrain, twice as many 
digitized voice samples for the Dungeon 
Master (who now moves and speaks in 
the intro), and your choice of designs for 
your shield markers. 


Virgin's "new" Conspiracy looks 
suspiciously like their KGB with Donald 
Sutherland video pumped in. It 
wouldn't be the first time Virgin recycled 
a game without mentioning it on the 

Westwood's CD Hand of Fate, set for 
April, will not offer any major enhance- 
ments, so you may as well get the 

floppy. Lands of Lore, however, has a 
"History of the Lands" feature that is a 
significant addition. 

Natasha & the Chief 

Sierra is beg™g to do more 
with CDs than in the past The 
CD Larry 
Wis in 
and due 
out in a 

months. Al 
Lowe was 
in the 
voices as 
we closed 
this issue. 

Interplay's 10th Anniversary CD 

Sierra's upcoming CD of Quest for Glory: 
Shadows of Darkness will use the voice of 
Natasha from the Rocky and BuOwinkle 

Police Quest TV will feature a "chat with 
the chie£" if you really want Darryl Gates 
on your monitor. It will also include 
voices. Look for it around May, when 
their other CD conversions and new 
releases (Jnca 3 and Goblin Quest) will hit 
the stores. 

New World Computing 

In May, look for a CD version of 
Inherit the Forth with full speech support. 
By June, the 3-D hovertank sim Zephyr 
will be out (CD-only). 

Interplaying for keeps 

Brian Fargo was recently quoted 
in a national publication as 
saying that he was putting all of 
Interplay's resources into CDs (though 
he may have been referring to bank 


CDs). Work just on Interplay's CD Star 
Trek Judgement Rites. Featuring digitized 
voices of the original cast, it should be 
out in around six months. Star Trek 4 
(no working title yet) is scheduled for 
early next year. 

Though the games are all straight 
ports from the floppy originals, Inter- 
ploy's Tenth Anniversary Anthology is a 
real bargain for anyone who missed out 
on Interplay's earlier adventures and 
RPGs. You get a wide mix of game 
styles, from Tass Times in Tonetown to 
Wasteland and more recent releases such 
as Castles and Star Trek 25th Anniversary. 
You also get Bard's Tale I, Diugon Wars, 
Battle Chess, Lord of the Rings, 
Mindshadow and Out of the World. 

Not adventures but still CD 

We have now officially run out 
of things to say about CD 
adventures and role-playing 
games. So let's take a quick look at some 
other new CD offerings. 
BuzzAddriris Race into Space introduces 
modem play and a play-by-mail option. 
There is also an easier 'beginner level" 

Strike Commander CD, Origin's first 
game that is actually enhanced for CD, 
eats up less than ten megs on your hard 
disk, and the frame rate may be up to 
twice as fast. It also includes full digitized 
speech, a General Midi soundtrack, and 
the 24 missions from the Tactical 
Operations mission disk And it now 
supports rudder pedals, has better 
enemy AI, and a host of other new 
features and improvements that make it 
Origin's best-selling CD yet. 

Nova Logic's CD Maximum Overkill 
includes all the original missions and 
many new ones - for a total of 100. 
Reflective water, felling snow and other 
new terrain features are included in the 
dozen different environments. It also 
now supports the vastly superior CH 
Fli^itstkkRro. ft* 



Me MS-DOS has dominated 
the entertainment software 
industry for several years, it's 
surprising to see so many CD titles 
become available for the Mac. Iron Helix 
is one such title that's had high ratings 
as a Mac game and is now available as 
an MPC (Windows only) game for the 
PC. To be honest, I haven't had much 
luck running most MPC games off of 
Windows without memory problems or 
sound conflicts. So I expected problems 
when I loaded Iron Helix — but didn't 
get any. 

The plot is simple but clever. A 
starship's programming has gone wild 
and, instead of doing a practice mission, 
is headed off to destroy a habitable 
world and precipitate a intergalactic war. 
Part of the weapon's make-up is a viral 
disease that mutates human DNA 
structure until death occurs — so the 
starship's own crewmembers cannot 
enter the proper codes to stop the ship, 
because the ship no longer recognizes 
their DNA patterns. 

You are closest to the runaway ship, 
so you're asked to stop it by using a 
robot probe. 
You have 
three probes, 

chances, to 
stop the ship 
by hunting 
through its 
corridors to 
find the 
proper codes. 
Except that 
the corridors 
aren't so 
empty after 

all. Yes, the crew's all dead now, but it's 
not just due to the virus. A defender 
robot is actively eradicating anything 
that doesn't have the proper DNA code, 
and your probe is at the top of its hit list. 

There are four phases to the game. In 
the first, you must find three top-rariking 

Type : Multimedia graphic 

System ibm cd-rom 

Required 381/16+, 2 megs XMS, 
VGA, DOS 3.3+, CD drive, mouse 
Supports Sound Blaster, SVGA 
VESA Recommended double-spin 
CD drive 

Planned ports Macintosh 

DNA codes that your probe's computer 
can use to gain access to security rooms 
and data files. After you've got the DNA 
patterns, you must find the codes 
hidden in different data files needed to 
destroy the defender robot and get the 
code for the ship's destruct sequence. 

In the third phase, you must use the 
proper code in the correct place to 
either trap or destroy the defender 
robot. And finally, you have to use the 
proper code in 
the right place to 
activate the ship's 
sequence. After 
destroying the 
defender, you 
have five minutes 
to activate self- 
destruct; fell to do 
so, and another 
defender is 
dispatched and 

prevents the self-destruct from engaging. 

An interesting replay option is 
provided by the game's three difficulty 
levels: beginner, intermediate and 
expert. With each harder level, the 

defender becomes 
more aggressive in 
tracking you down, 
the DNA patterns 
and data file codes 
get harder to find, 
and the methods for 
trapping or destroy- 
ing the defender and 
activating the self- 
destruct are more 
elaborate. There are 
also more rooms, 
some hidden, to 

Helix's interface is very easy to use. 
The upper left-hand quarter of the 
screen is reserved for the hi-res SVGA 
graphics window that shows the 
corridors and rooms going by as your 

\y\\ V3iu\ Shaffer 

probe moves along. Below this, a 
horizontal bar indicates a yellow or red 
alert when the defender is near, six 
directional keys for maneuvering your 
probe, and four buttons for saving, 
quitting, pausing, or examining any 
notes you've collected while searching 
the data files. 

The upper right-hand portion of the 
screen has four buttons. One allows you 
to scan for stray DNA samples, another 

to momen- 
tarily jam 

signal and 
tate it long 
enough to 
this costs 

£□ |— — | 

you some 
of your 
probe's energy). 

Another button arms the activator 
that collects DNA samples; it also 
activates data pads. The fourth button 
lets you check your inventory, turn off 
the scan function to save energy, or 
reboot to a back-up probe if you're 
about to lose all data in a damaged one. 

The lower right-hand screen consists 
of three maps that you can toggle 
between. One shows a schematic of 
your location, another die same for the 
defender's surrounding, and the third 
illustrates your location in reference to 
the defender. 

The game plays well. Overlaid with 
SVGA graphics, an intro depicts the 
initial mishap of the starship going 
renegade. A log entry from the ship's 
commander tells what happened to the 

As you watch your own probe 
entering the ship, the intro smoothly 
segues into the start of the game as you 
look down your first senes of corridors 

Continued on page 14 



and the world of Fish will aooear on 

Sam and 


Look at mouse hole and get the cash 
from inside it. Get the black light 
bulb from the closet that is on the for 
right side of your office. 

Leave the office and head toward the 
stairs going down. Use man on the 
railing, and Max will push him off. 
Go downstairs. Outside, talk to the 
cat Use Max on the cat to get your 
orders. Use the car and go to the 


Show your orders to the fire- 
breathing man. Talk to the Kushman 
brothers inside the tent. They will tell 
you more about your assignment. 
Get the swatch of hair in front of the 
melted ice block 

Walk to the left and get the jar that 
contains Jesse James' severed hand. 
Leave the tent and talk to fire 
breather. Walk into the carnival 
between the two tents and then go 
north past the tunnel of love. 

Get the magnifying lens in the Wak- 
a-Rat booth. Use the mallet to play 
Wak-a-Rat until you win. You need 
to hit 20 rats to win the prize, which 
is a flashlight Use the black light 
bulb on the flashlight 

Cone of Tr*set>\\ 

Walk to the left and talk to the Cone 
of Tragedy operator. Ask about all 
and you will then ride the cone. After 
the ride is over, look at your inven- 
tory. It will all be gone. 

Talk to the cone operator and ask 
about your inventory. He will give 
you a claim ticket for the Lost and 
Found, which is just to the right of 
the fire breather. Enter tent and you 
will get your inventory back plus one 
extra item, a fish magnet. Look at it, 

and the world of Fish will appear on 
your travel map. Walk left three screens 
to the car. Go to any Snuckey's. 

Walk inside. Get pecan candy from top 
of the left rack. You can buy a different 
toy at the end rack of each Snuckey s. 
These are for your enjoyment and can 
be played at any time. They have no 
bearing on the game. The Snuckey's in 
the North sells a car bomb game, the 
South sells paint by number books, 
and the West branch sells dress up 

After Max complains about having to 
use the bathroom talk to the soda jerk. 
Ask about can buy a different toy game 
and candy to buy them. Ask about can 
buy a different toy toilet so Max can get 
restroom key. When Max uses the key, 
quickly end the conversation. 

Rush outside and talk to Max before he 
can return the key. Ask Max about the 
key, and you will get to keep the rasp. 
Get the Snuckey's cup that is on the 
ground. Go back inside and can buy a 
different toy give jar with Jesse James' 
hand to the soda jerk so he can open it 
for you. Return to the carnival. 

Turrne) of Love 

Go to the tunnel of love ride. Use the 
boat. Once inside, use the flashlight 
Left-click to turn it on, then look at the 
wall. After the second display — 
"Revenge of the Gill Guy" — is a fuse 
box. Right-click on the flashlight to 
leave it on. Use Max on the fusebox. It 
will get shorted out, the boat will come 
to a stop, and you will get out Look at 
the man with the beard. Sam will pull 
on it The executioner chops off the 
man's head which causes the door to 
open. Enter. 

Talk to Doug the Mole Man. Ask about 
Bruno. He goes on forever and 

b\\ Staccij Vortnoii 

eventually mentions his Uncle Shuv- 
Oohl and the Ball of Twine where he was 
last seen (it now appears on your map) . 
Give Doug the pecan candy, and he will 
give you a "key" to Trixie's trailer, which 
is a crowbar and tell you a long story. Use 
the lever to get the ride running again. 


Walk right two screens to Trixie's trailer. 
Use the crowbar on the lock to enter the 
trailer. Use the hope chest to open it and 
get the stiltwalker's costume. Use the 
closet. Look at score card on the door. It 
will go into your inventory, and Gator 
Golf will appear on your map. Exit and 
return to car. Go to ball of twine. 

Ball of Twhie 

Go to the building below the giant ball of 
twine. Inside, talk to the museum 
employee and ask about all. Exit and 
walk to the tram. Go upstairs. When the 
skycar approaches, walk in. After the 
skycar stops, go to the left. You will go up 
an elevator to the restaurant To the right 
is a magician. Ask him about the bent 
tools and he will give you one. Use the 
elevator to leave and enter the stycar. 
Return to the car and go to World of 

Worb of Fish 

Get the bucket of fish that is under the 
sign marked "fish feed." Talk to fisher- 
man and ask about helicopter. To the left 
is a large fiberglass fish. Use the bent tool 
on the fish. Use fish to enter it. Then use 
Max on the fish. The fish will get thrown 
on the net and picked up by the 
helicopter. You will be taken to the other 
side of the restaurant on top of the ball of 

Use Max on the twine, and he will use 
his teeth to bite off a piece. After the cook 
comes back out, Sam and Max jump — 
but in the process, you get a 91-foot 
piece of twine that is automatically put 



into your inventory. Your car will show 
up. Go to Gator Golf. 

Gator Golf 

Walk left two screens. Get the broken 
golf ball retriever from trash can. Talk to 
the man about all. Walk toward the 
Gator Golf sign. After the run-in with 
Conroy Bumpus and Lee-Harvey, Max 
will trapped in the dunk tank 

Use the bucket of fish on the bucket of 
golf balls to replace them. Take a golf 
club. Using the dragon as a guide, 
position the golf flag in front of or 
behind the gators. You want the gators 
to be lined up in order to make a 
walkway. The program will let you 
know when you have succeeded. 

Use the door to free Max, and a secret 
door will appear. Max gives you a piece 
of sasquatch hair. Open the secret door 
and look inside. You will see a sno- 
globe, and the Mystery Vortex will 
appear on your map. Walk south and 
return to the car. Go to the Mystery 

Mvjstervj Vortex 

Enter the building and walk all the way 
to the right. Go though the red curtains. 
You will be upside down. Get the 
sasquatch hair that is on the melting ice 
block Talk to the woman about sno- 
globe. Exit 

Walk toward the mirror and use mirror 
to enter it. There are three magnets: red, 
blue and yellow. The yellow one is to 
the right of the second magnet. When 
you use a lever, Sam and Max will turn 
to the color of the leveKs) pulled, and 
the corresponding doorfe) can be 
opened. This part of the game is all trial 
and error, as each time you enter the 
Vortex, the two doors to the right of the 
mirror change colors. 

You need to go through one of these 
two doors. When you enter the correct 
door, the scene will change. Talk to 
Shuv-Oohl and ask about Bruno. He 
tells you about Frog Rock and its 
location. In order to help you more, he 

asks you to find his mood ring he lost in 
the Ball of Twine. Exit and return to car. 
Go to Ball of Twine. 

Twine: Moob Rins 

Enter the museum. In your inventory, 
use the broken golf ball retriever with 
the severed hand and then the magnet. 
Once the three are combined, use the 
gadget on the ball. Sam will push it 
inside, and the magnet will pickup the 
ring. Exit and return to the Mystery 

Vortex: SViviv-OoJil 

Enter the building and go in same door 
as before in order to speak to Shuv- 
Oohl. Ask about the mood ring. He tells 
you that at frog rock you will need to 
place three samples of bigfoot hair on 
the rock and sprinkle it with mole dust 
which he gives you. Exit and go to Ball 
of Twine. 

Twine: Binoculars 

Ride the skycar and go to the restaurant. 
Get the exposed wires to the left of the 
elevator and use them on the 
binoculars. Then use the lens on the 
binoculars. Use the binoculars. 

When the needle is at dead center, the 
binoculars will stop moving and the 
name of the site you are looking at is 
mentioned. Look until you find Frog 
Rock recalling that Shuv-Oohl said it 
was between the Ethereal Plane of Acid 
Rain and the Enchanted Argyle Forest. 
Hit the "escape" key to leave the 
binoculars. Bat restaurant Return to car 
and go to Frog Rock 

Fr©5 Rock 

Walk to the right Put the three samples 
of bigfoot hair on the rock Use the 
mole dust on the rock A flying saucer 
appears and leaves you the message: Go 
to Bumpusville. Do as you were told. 


Enter the building. Go left and get 

picture of John Muir. Walk to the far 
right room, which has a monster truck 
in it Walk to the truck Get the pillow 
with the hair tonic on it Look at the 
bookshelf. Use retriever with the severed 
hand to get the book on top shel£ the 
one that deals with the operation of 
maintenance droids. 
Leave and find droid. Use droid. Sam 
will open it up. Plug in the blue wire 
and make sure all the others are 
unplugged. The droid only goes into 
rooms that are green. Hit "escape," and 
the droid will do what is programmed. 
The droid will cause the alarm to go off, 
and Lee-Harvey will investigate. 

Dr^son in the Cave 

Go right twice and up into the room 
with the green plaque above the door. 
Get the virtual reality helmet. Get the 
sword and save the game. Approach 
the cave to get the dragon to come out. 
Step backward and quickly change to 
the sword. Use sword on the dragon. 
After killing it, get the heart Inside is a 
key that can go into your inventory. 

Exit and go to the far left room. Bruno 
and Trixie are there. Use key on lock to 
turn off alarm, and Bruno and Trixie 
will come out of their trance. They 
mention they are late for a bigfoot party 
at the Jungle savage Inn that is only for 
bigfoots and their dates. Return to car 
and go to Jungle Inn (volcano on the 

Enter the inn. Try to go through the 
door that the bigfoot is blocking. Talk to 
the bigfoot guard. He will mention his 
foot problem. Give him the rasp. 
Talk to the woman behind the desk and 
ask about all. After the conversation is 
over, she gives you some brochures. 
Look at them. Two new places will 
show up on your map: Mount 
Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee 
Jumping National Park (dinosaur on 
map) and the Celebrity Vegetable 

Continued on page 1 3 



Quest for Glonf 4 

Dark One's Cave (Magic-using 
character): look at creature and book 
Cross rope. Cast Dazzle. Cast Fetch (at 
book). Exit right. Climb up on altar. Use 
Erana's staff on Ad Advis. Tell Ultimate 
Joke (learned from Gnome.) Use staff 
on Ad Advis again, then use staff on 
crystal. Watch scene. 

Erana's Garden: Cast Detect Magic. 
Cast Fetch (at red spot on tree). Cast 
Trigger (at lake). Cast Open at tulip bud. 
Cast Fetch at scroll. 

Domovi, night two: exit room when 
tired, ask Domovi about help. Enter 
bedroom. Sleep until morning. Eat. Exit 
hotel. Walk to monastery. Use Dark 
sign on door. Use rehydration solution 
(from Dr. Cranium on day 3, traded for 
flask of grue goo near bonsai bush) on 
dried-out object. Give hexapod garlic. 
Use fireplace. Cast Open at desk. Look 
thru desk Drink wine. Bum Big Book. 

Adventurers Guild (Thief character 
only) : Unlock door (get key from 
Burgeomeister by asking about Guild). 
Sign logbook Read logbook. Get rope 
and grapnel. Look at bookcase. Read all 
books. Use stair-stepper. Use grapnel on 
ring on ceiling. Climb rope. Get grapnel. 
Look under desk (note pattern and 
numbers). Use hooks. Solve puzzle by 
moving hooks under desk Climb 

Zachary Borovicka 

Arcade sequence: use the game 
controls to slow down this sequence if 
you are having trouble with it. You can 
slow it down even more by punching 
your computers "turbo" button to 
reduce the computers speed from 33 to 
25, or 25 to 16 MHz 
Al Giovetti 

Gabriel Kni5Jit 

Day 8: When you awake, take the key 
from the table at the bottom of the bed. 
It will open the large carved door and 

lead you to the secret library. In the 
library, "look" at the center bookcase on 
the back wall. Read the People's Republic 
book "Look' on the right bookcase and 
read The Primal Ones. "Look' at the left 
wall bookcase and read Ancient Poors of 
Africa. "Look" at the far left bookcase for 
the Sun Worshippers book. "Look' at the 
lower far right bookcase for Ancient Digs 
of Africa. After you read all these books, 
The Snake Mound book appears. Get it, 
and you will be able to fly to Africa later 
on Day 8. 

R Holbrook 

Warriors of Legend 

The Lava Pits: Eventually you will arrive 
at the Lava Pits. Save the game. Cross 
the bridge to the east, noting the safe 
spots. Once you're safely across, follow 
the path to the door. Prepare a Flaming 
Death spell. Save game. Enter door and 
slay the Dragons. 

Enter the left tunnel and get all items. 
Return to where you encountered the 
Dragons. Enter the right tunnel. Talk to 
Madure, then quichfy hit him with a 
Flaming Death spell. Enter chamber to 
Right and get the Chaos key and 
another key. Retrace your steps and 
return to liandria. 

In Liandria, sell your loot and buy spells, 
ingredients, weapons and armor. If your 
money is still limited, at least buy the 
Freeze, Paralyze and Magic Fire scrolls, 
and the necessary ingredients. Heal and 
Resurrect will come in handy too. Exit 

F.J. Philipp and C. F. Shaffer 

Davj of theTentecU 

Miscellaneous hints: Bernard should 
open all doors and look behind them 
(trade keys for crowbar). Annoy the 
residents by putting the speaker on the 
floor and aiming on the stereo. Instead 
of flushing items between the charac- 
ters, "give item to" works faster and 
from any location. Give decaf to Doctor 
Fred, then videotape his actions (you 

must push Edna out first). Let Hoagie 
mail the signed contract. Laveme should 
use the tiny sweater on the cold, wet 
hamster (after dethawing him). 
John Beck 

D^rk Svm 

Wyrm School: Balkazar cannot be 
killed unless you destroy his power 
focus. Several books scattered around 
will help you determine what it is. If not, 
try using Reflection. 

After destroying Balkazar, stand next to 
the mixing bowl in his quarters and use 
the Terror Extract on it. Next, dip an 
Obsidian Dagger in it - the one off the 
floor will do. This produces a Tenor 
Blade, a + 2 Dagger that poisons and 
makes a very effective weapon. 
Johnny Ganet Jr. 

Critical VMh 

Scene 1, Tunnel doors: press space bar 
to answer KAT. 

Scene 2, MCL established: enter 123 
on detonator. 

Scene 3, Ore carts: enter 152 on 

Scene 4, Conveyor belt: stop belt by 
pressing button E when Kat awakes. 
Then start belt when blood orange 
draws his gun. 

Scene 5, Furnace: press button J to 
open chute when Kat is surrounded. 

Scene 6, Crane: press unlabeled button 
G to use crane. 

Scene 7, Catwalks: Lead Kat left, 
forward, left, left, forward, right, right, 
left, right, then straight through door. 

Scene 8, Hallway: Go right toward 
faucet. Answer yes to Kat. 

Scene 9, Packing room: Go right. 

Scene 10, Water Tower: Enter 666 on 

Scene 11, Torture Chamber: Enter 
451 on detonator. 


Saw & Max ..from 11 

Museum (tomato on map). Exit and go 
to vegetable museum. 

Ve5eteb1e Museum 

Walk to the right. Get Conroy Bumpus 
eggplant from the container. Talk to the 
lady. Give her the John Muir picture, 
and she will turn it into a squash that 
you can pick up later. Return to the car 
and go to Mount Rushmoie Park 

Kevfs ..from 12 

Scene 12, Electric Chair: Enter 91 1 on 

Scene 13, Elevator shaft: Press button 
N to blow siren and win the game. 
Joseph J. Courter 

Ster Trek: 
judgement Rites 

Light and Darkness, the samples: Use 

medical tricorder on blue and yellow 
sample dishes. Use blue sample on 
DNA sequencer. Talk to Ensign. 3. 1. 3. 
3. Use yellow sample on sequencer. 
Use blue sample again. Use Ensign on 
sequencer. Use Ensign on replicator. 
Take new sample. Use medical tricorder 
on green sample. North. Use tricorder 
on computer. Insert sample into port. 
Use tricorder on projection. Talk to 

Cicissa. 3. $ft 

Paul Shaffer 

This month contributor R. Hol- 
brook was randomly selected to 
receive the game of his choice — so 
send in your clues & tips today, so 
we can fill two pages in the next 
issue. (All submissions become 
property of Eldritch, LTD until 
May 12, 2317 A. D.) 

Mt* Rushmore Park 

Walk to bungee jumping and then go 
to the right of the tarpit slide. Enter the 
elevator. Talk to the instructor. Use the 
screen to put the equipment on. Use 
the bungee cord to jump off. Use 
Snuckey's cup on the golf retriever, then 
use it on tarpit to get some tar. Use 
screen to take off equipment. 

Enter elevator. Walk to the animal 
display on the left. Look at the wooly 
mammoth to see that the mammoth 
hair is similar to sasquatch hair. Use 
Max, and he will chomp off some hair. 
Listen to T-Rex speak by using speaker 
box by his foot; while his mouth is 
open, use the rope on it. Then use Max 
on the rope. Sam will throw Max to the 
car, and the tooth will be pulled out 
Enter the car and go to the vegetable 

Ve5eteb1e Museum 

Talk to the lady about the squash, and 
she will give you the gourd of John 
Muir. Return to car and go to 

Bvitupvisville: Toupee 

Enter the building and go to the far right 
room. Use the Conroy Bumpus 
eggplant on the toupee. Sam will switch 
them, but the alarm goes off and Lee- 
Harvey kicks you out. Get in car and go 
to Jungle Inn 

Bisfoot Party 

Enter the inn. You can now create a 
bigfoot costume. In your inventory, use 
tar on hair, and then use hair on 
soltwalker's costume. Now use the 
toupee on the costume. Use the 
costume, and you will go into the 
phone booth to put it on. The guard 
will let you into die party. 

Get the bottle of wine from the table. 
Enter the door that is to the right of the 
stage. Enter the freezer room and take 
the ice pick Open the back door, and 
in comes Conroy and Lee-Harvey. 

Talk to Conroy. He believes you are a 

bigfoot. To convince him you are not, 
use the costume. You will take it off. 
Now Conroy wants to wear the 
costume so he can infiltrate the bigfoots, 
and he and Lee-Harvey steps into the 
freezer to put it on. Use Max on the 
freezer door to shut them in. 

A Yeti chief comes in and makes you an 
honorary chief. He takes you to the four 
great totem poles. He believes they are 
the answer to saving his race and asks 
for your help in solving their secret. 
Look at each of the four totem poles. 
Walk to the left and return to car. Go to 
the Ball of Twine. 

Twine: Corkscrew 

Go to the magician in the restaurant. 
Give him the ice pick, and he will bend 
it into a corkscrew. Exit. Return to the 
car and go to Mystery Vortex. 

Vortex: Stio~5lobe 

Enter and go through the door with the 
curtains. Use corkscrew on the wine 
bottle to remove the cork Use cork on 
the sno-globe. Use the mini-vortex 
machine. When you are inside and 
machine is turned on by the woman, 
use the globe to fill it up with mystical 
energy. Exit and return to car. Go to the 
Jungle Inn. 

)un$)e Imi: Totem Poles 

Enter the Inn. Go past the guard and 
through the door to the left 
of the stage. Click about 
an inch above Bruno's 
head to walk to the hot 
tub. Give the chief the 
items that the totem 
poles represent. 
From left to right, 
they are the sno-globe, [z 
the dinosaur tooth, the 
John Muir vegetable, 
and the pillow with 

the hair tonic. ift 



Dt%x50vtspJiere ..from 7 

process was made even more madden- 
ing by an error in the Butterfly King 
exchange logic puzzle that penalizes 
those who understand the game too 
much. [This is a preview, of course, so 
we can expect this and other problems 
to be cleared up before the final release.] 

The neo-classical music and the 
sound effects, fit with the fantasy 
adventure theme of dragons, wizards, 
kings, castles and wicked stepmothers. 
Music is enjoyable enough that you may 
not even turn it off. 

You can save a virtually infinite 
number of games. This will be necessary 
to sort out the convoluted plot, which 
keeps you returning to each land many 
times, thus completing the quest in 
piece-meal fashion. 

One glaring deficiency in the 
otherwise pure composition of this 
swords and sorcery opera is the lack of a 
magic map to facilitate getting from one 
place to another. Another problem is 
the game's small size. There are 52 
background locations, which is 
substantially smaller than games such as 
Shadows of Darkness. Regardless of the 
great graphics, long and involving story 
line, interesting characterizations, clever 
puzzles and other nice features of this 
game, Dragonspheres lack of scope 
detracts from its overall perfection. 

Recently Micro Prose was acquired 
by Spectrum Holobyte and received an 
extensive marketing overhaul with the 
goal of positioning the company 
aggressively in an entrenched but rapidly 
expanding marketplace. Hopefully 
MicroProse will survive — for the sake 
of their excellent flight simulators and 
ever enjoyable Sid Meier strategy games. 

It is, however, lamentable that 
economic necessities have resulted in 
the abrupt demise of the emerging 
excellence of the Micro Prose animated 
graphic adventure. Please let us pause in 
a moment of silence for the departed 
and dig deep in our wallets to contrib- 
ute to this now dead art form by 
purchasing the three now-classic games 
produced. 4tt 

\ron Helix... from 9 

and begin scanning for scattered DNA. 
The sense of movement through the 
halls is smooth, and the sound effects 
are quite good. 

At first it is difficult to juggle the tasks 
of avoiding the relentless defender, 
manipulating the maps to ensure a 
thorough search, and scanning for 
DNA But you do get accustomed to it 
In the first five minutes, I wasn't sure the 
game would hold my attention for long 
Q kept getting fried by the defender) . 
Once I learned how to use the elevator 
and ladders to keep a couple of steps 
ahead of the killer robot, though, I 
became committed to finishing what I'd 

Three hours later, and after several 
restores, I smiled with satisfaction as I 
trapped the defender in one of the 
hallways, having lured it in with my 
probe as bait, then using the security 
system to secure the bulkheads and seal 
it in. It was with even greater glee that I 
accessed the program that drained the 
defender of all its energy and destroyed 
it. Next to that, activating the ship's self- 
destruct was just wrapping up business 
— with the defender, it had become a 
personal vendetta. 

Iplayed the banner mode and had 
a good workout, so I can imagine how 
tough it gets at the higher levels. But 
having seen other sections of the ship 
that were off limits to me in beginner 
mode, I was really curious how the story 
would change at difficulty settings. 
Conclusions: While I don't consider 
Iron Helix a must-have game, it certainly 
was thoroughly well-done. The higher 
levels offer greater difficulty and a more 
involved plot, but the quickie satisfac- 
tion of having beaten it once on the easy 
level may not motivate you to come 
back for more. Recommended. $ 

Skill Level: (fester-adjustable 
Company. Spectrum Holobyte 
Price: $59 

QuestBusters price: $49 

Quest for Glorvf .from 1 

and people in the town from conversa- 
tions. Simply click on subjects when 
you talk to characters to hear what they 
have to say. Their topics may change 
when you return to them, depending 
on what you've done in-between talks, 
so you should always try to talk to 
characters every time you run into them. 

Combat is a joy for players of all 
types. Those who want an arcade mini- 
game can click on the opponents to 
strike blows or cast spells in real time. 
Those who hate action games can guide 
the actions of their character in a strategy 
mode, or just let the computer handle 
combat completely. 

In a nod to the Dr. Brain games (a 
series started by Corey Cole), the town's 
mad scientist Dr. Cranium (a distant 
relative of Brain) has a laboratory that 
requires solving a few Dr. Brain-like 
puzzles before you can get inside. 

The horror aspects of Shadows are 
tongue-in-cheek Monsters are equally 
goofy and scary. You will encounter 
most of them in the forest as you 
wander around. The honor references 
are many, and they contribute to the 
game's atmosphere and the occasional 
silliness. Though Shadows was designed 
to be the horror-based game in the 
Questfor Glory series, it comes across as 
a B-movie. 

I definitely recommend replaying 
Shadows with each character type. The 
second and third times will be a little 
easier because you'll know your way 
around the forest and certain events or 
story elements. But the game is long 
enough and contains enough variety in 
each version that it's like you get three 
games in one. 

Conclusions: Lori and Corey Cole are a 
wonderfully entertaining duo of game 
designers and masters of storytelling. 
Shadows continues their saga and further 
improves the unique game interface that 
combines graphic adventures tech- 
niques and role-playing character 
development IS 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Company: Sierra On-line 
Price: $69.95 
QuestBusters price: $59 


Swap Shop 

Swap Shop ads are no longer free! 
We are accepting nothing but clues 
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Keys to the Kingdoms section) in 
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MSDOS & Quest-alikes 

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Trade: Ultima 7, Spear of Destiny, 
*Dark Savant, Clouds of Xeen, Indy & 
Fate of Atlantis, King's Quest 6, Space 
Quest 4. Want Eye 3, Darkside of 
Xeen, Ultima 7, Quest for Glory 3, 
Kyrandia, or your list Richard Cariin, 
107th St, Richmond Hill NY 

11418 fa 

Gabriel Kni5Vit ... from 3 

graphic novel that sets up the historical 
background to the game. The artwork is 
very good, and the cover looks like it 
came straight off a Sandman comic 

Gabriel Knight's music and sound 
effects complete the illusion of total 
immersion into the game's events that 
the graphics started. The scone is 
haunting. The sound effects are clear 
and realistic. 

CD specials 

The CD version is a must for those with 
the equipment. In addition to the music 
and sound effects that disk users get, it 
also contains the finest assembly of voice 
talent so far in a multimedia game. Tim 
Curry plays the part of Gabriel. His 
performance alone is worth the CD 
purchase, but players will also hear such 
people as Michael Dom, Mark Hamill, 
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. , Rocky Carroll and 

Is it a coincidence that both Efiem 
Zimbalist, Jr. and Mark Hamill also 
starred in the recent animated movie 
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm? Not at all. 
A little time with the CD version of 
Gabriel Knight will quickly show why 
these actors and actresses do this type of 

Conclusions: When I first played a 
demo of a single day in the game back in 
August, Gabriel Knigfrt blew me away 
with its atmosphere and intelligent 
storyline. The finished product pro- 
duced the same effect Jensen worked 
hard to get Knight out, and her influ- 
ences and the efforts of the design team 
shine through. Those players who have 
been waiting for a game from Sierra with 
a little more edge will not be disap- 
pointed. Jensen's take on New Orleans 
and suspense is a long way from the 
sunny skies of Daventry. fa 

Skill Level: Intermediate 
Price: $59.95 
QuestBusters price: $49 
Company. Sierra On-line 



>ing up & downing 
r over,&screaminc 
insane into the str 


Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father 
The Hand of Fate 
Innocent Until Caught 
Lands of Lore 

The Legacy: Realms of Terror 
r Leisure Suit Larry 6 
.Xost in Time 

Police Quest IV 
k Quest for Glory IV 

Return to Zork 

Sam and Max 

Seventh Guest 


Simon the Sorcerer 

Star Trek: Judgement Rites 

Warriors of Legend 

Order any two Looks, 
and the shipping is free 
to USA or Canada, 1/2 
off regular shipping to 

The Book of Clues (35 solutions) $19 

Keys to the Kingdoms $19 

(24 solutions see final line-up with a 

few new walkthrus on the right) 

Quest for Clues 2 or 3 $25 

(40 solutions in each) 

Book of Swords $17 

Book of Orbs $17 

(20 solutions in each) 

Official Book of Ultima $17 

(Ultimas 1-7, Underworld 1, Savage 

Empire, Martian Dreams) 

Space Quest Companion $20 


Companions of Xanth 
Curse of Enchantia 
Dark Sun 

Dracula Unleashed 

To USA, add $3 shipping per book, 
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